Mai Thai Seafood - AKA – Mai Thai Restaurant: Est. 1989


Inside Mai Thai

Restaurant Description:
From the crisp white linens that line the tables to the wonderful selection of Thai cuisine, Mai Thai’s tranquil and charming atmosphere is the perfect start to a memorable dinner. For the lunchtime crowd, the luncheon specials provide a great opportunity to get away.

The menu is filled with carefully prepared dishes such as the Seafood Delight (Red snapper, soft shell crab, and shrimp battered then deep fried, then sautéed with pineapples, tomatoes, bell peppers, and onions in Chef’s Special Delight Sauce). Mai Thai also has a healthy selection of delicious low-fat dishes on the menu, and offers a large selection of fine wines that are perfectly paired with Thai food.

But you shouldn’t rush into a main entrée right away! You will be missing out on a deliciously appetizing Thai favorite, Nam Sod (Finely chopped chicken breast, blended with lime and pepper, red chili, onions, peanuts, sliced fresh ginger, served with a fresh bed of lettuce and cabbage).

For those wishing to share their dinning experience with someone special, please ask a member of our staff about gift certificates.

A trip to Mai Thai is an experience that you’ll never forget. If the fast and friendly service doesn’t keep you coming back, the great food will!

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